QuadTech’s Color Control System

The QuadTech® Color Control System with Instrument Flight® and Spectral Cam® is an innovation in the printing industry. A high-end system providing unmatched color control and quality, with the use of unique and pioneering technology.

QuadTech’s SpectralCam

  • SpectralCam’s smart spectrodensitometer technology enables the system to quickly detect and analyze printed micro color bars at full press speeds.
  • Real-time display of key print attributes arms your operators with valuable information to assess product quality and press performance.
  • Visual and audio alarms alert operators to errors and out-of tolerance conditions, allowing for prompt resolution and minimum impact on production.
  • SpectralCam measures up to 12 patches in a single image capture and provides accurate ISO/ANSI Status E and Status T density, dot gain, trap and print contrast measurements.
  • Gray balance control is easier and more flexible than ever using Balance Navigator. You’ll be able to achieve product approval for your customers in record time.
  • Balance Navigator automatically and consistently calculates which inks to increase or decrease to achieve the proper color shift result.
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