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H264ULL-Encoder Highlights:

  4x PAL/NTSC/RS-170 video inputs
  H.264 video Recording & Streaming

  Ultra low latency (under 40ms) for live video feedback
  Ideal for remote platforms, vehicles, UAV applications
  Rugged PCI-104 form factor

With live video streaming latency under 40ms, the H264ULL-Encoder is ideal for remote applications including UAV's, UAS, robotic manipulators, real-time visualization and surveillance.

Related Application
Remotely Operated Ground Vehicle:
Ultra Low Latency (ULL) video solutions are essential for safe and effective control of remotely operated ground vehicles

Using the H264ULL-Encoder reduces both camera to Ethernet and Ethernet to NTSC/PAL/RS-170 display to below 40ms allowing remote control of vehicles travelling in excess of 50 mph.

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