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H.264 Codecs

Our Frame Grabber range includes boards in many PC/104, PCI-104, miniPCIe form factors for both raw video and audio capture. Real-time analog PAL/NTSC, YPbPr, VGA, RGB video or HDMI/DVI is grabbed for local storage and preview as well as bus transfer. High performance, multi-channel and even multi-board operation, overlay, watermark authentication and other features are available.

Raw video boards appear in applications like embedded situational awareness, surveillance, image processing, multimedia, solid state video recording, machine vision and digital image capture.

Below, you will find our FEATURED Video Frame Grabbers.
HDGrabber-DVI - HDMI/DVI Video Capture Controller for PCI-104
  Full HD resolution HDMI/DVI input
  Live capture from digital video cameras
  Screen capture from a digital monitor
  Available in extended temperature
  Rugged PCI-104 form factor
  Sample overlay & capture apps

AVC8000nano - Low Latency Video Frame Grabber for miniPCIe
  Up to 8 Live PAL/NTSC video sources
  Full D1 resolution, full frame rate
  Low power consumption
  Ultra low latency; near real-time
  Small footprint & low overhead
  Standard miniPCIe form factor

AVC8000X - Video Capture & Overlay Controller for PC/104-Express
  Up to 8 Live PAL/NTSC video sources
  Full D1 size capture, full frame rate
  Drivers for Windows & Linux
  8 Mono Audio inputs
  Efficient PCI DMA cycle operation
  Robust PC/104-Express construction

AVC8000S - Video Capture & Overlay Controller for PCIe
  8 Live PAL/NTSC/RS-170 video inputs
  Full resolution & frame rate; up to 240fps
  Hardware & Colorspace conversion
  Available in extended temperature
  Video Overlay, Recording & Streaming Apps
  PCIe form factor

What to expect from the 'embedded video experts'.....
 Industry leading embedded video hardware platforms for OEMs and system integrators
 Dedicated SDKs for multiple operating systems to accelerate your development project
 H.264 video compression/decompression, overlay annotation and playback
 Low power embedded PCs and communication solutions
 Extended product life with a managed lifecycle beyond 5 years
 Highest level of technical support as we design and manufacture all our own products

 Product customization to meet specific project requirements
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