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Our Video Display Format Converters are board-level modules that convert signals between mutually incompatible video formats and standards. Different products exist for converting signals between PC VGA graphics, broadcast-quality NTSC, PAL, RS170, HDMI/DVI and STANAG 3350. Superior performance comes from the products onboard hardware processing, while their CPUs relieve system central processors of processing load. 

AMP Video Display Format Converters, delivering their versatile performance from rugged, compact form factors, are ideal for high end applications ranging from industrial, military and mining to visualization and gaming installations with
multiple screens.
Scanverters - Versatile Video Format Converter
  Intelligent stand-alone device - no CPU or drivers
Mechanical mounting for PCI-104 stack
  Variety of standard video inputs & outputs (Customizable)
  Extended temperature available (-40 +85deg C)

Example Applications: Situational Awareness, Traffic Monitoring & Control

VGASTANAG - VGA to STANAG3350 Scan Converter
  Separate RGB outputs with synch-on-green
  Simultaneous display on VGA & STANAG
  Intelligent stand-alone device - no CPU or drivers 
  Extended Temperature available (-40 to +85deg C)

Example Applications: Retrofitting (Refurb & Upgrade), Multi-function displays (MFD) 

nanoVTV - VGA to PAL/NTSC/RS170 Converter
  Converts Computer VGA to PAL/NTSC/RS170
Broadcast TV quality
  Supports up to 2048x1526 VGA resolution
  Compact stand-alone operation

Example Applications: Video Surveillance, Instrument Panel

VTV2000IS - VGA to TV Scan Converter
  Converts Computer VGA to PAL/NTSC
  On-board MPU

  Extended temperature available (-40 +85deg C)
  Single +5V Power Supply

Example Applications: Aerospace Instrumentation, Embedded Multimedia

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