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AMP’s VMIX104 Video Overlay Controller

June 2013


Flexibility, high-performance, reliability and low-power - these are the attributes that you will find in Advanced Micro Peripheral’s (AMP’s) PAL/NTSC video overlay controller for PC/104 - the VMIX104.

Capable of displaying up to four simultaneous live PAL/NTSC video images, the VMIX104 is a low-power, real-time video overlay controller providing a high degree of video overlay functionality.

Designed and built to undertake processor-intensive video processing functions, the VMIX104 can be hosted by a PC/104 computer over standard 8/16-bit PC/104 bus. Built-in multiplexers allow the selection of four sources from up to eight input cameras, which can all be resized, cropped and repositioned on the output image.

Powerful and flexible, the VMIX104’s processed image is output as a high-quality composite PAL/NTSC signal suitable for driving a wide range of display devices. The VMIX104 also enables text - in the form of any Truetype font - and graphics overlay or alpha-blended into the live video.

Supported by a suite of drivers for Windows and Linux, the VMIX104 is perfect for:
  • Control room
  • AUV Monitoring
  • Medical Operating Theatre
  • Remote Video Inspection
  • Remote Vehicle Application
  • Traffic Monitoring and Control
  • Loss Prevention

Product highlights include:
  • Multiplex up to 4 concurrent sources from 8 cameras
  • Alpha-blending of overlay and live video
  • Composite PAL/NTSC Video Output
  • Resize and reposition 4 live video windows
  • Text and borders for each video window
  • Truetype font text overlay
  • Compact 3.6 x 3.8in PC/104 form factor
  • Single +5V power supply

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