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mPCI-4 - Quad slot miniPCI adapter for PC/104-Plus

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The mPCI-4 is a highly integrated miniPCI adapter card for PC/104-Plus systems. The mPCI-4 card supports up to 4 Type-III miniPCI cards in a single PC/104-Plus stack location and provides an ideal way of adding advanced functionality to space constrained systems.

The mPCI-4 uses active PCI-PCI bridging to support 4x miniPCI cards in a single PC/104-Plus stack location. This allows the mPCI-4 to consume only 1 set of PCI resources and allows up to 4 mPCI-4 cards to be used in a system.

The mPCI-4 is an ideal partner to standard miniPCI cards such as wireless Ethernet and to AMP’s range of miniPCI advanced video compression boards. Compact video compression or streaming systems can be constructed using AMP’s microH264-D4 or microMPEG4-D4 compression cards and wireless can be easily integrated using standard WLAN cards.



  • 4x MiniPCI Type III slots
  • Example systems:
    • 4x microH264-D4                             16 Stream H.264 encoder
    • 3x microMPEG4-D4 +1x WLAN      12 Stream MPEG-4 wireless video streamer.
    • 4x WLAN                                             Multi Channel Wireless router
  • Active PCI-PCI Bridge for efficient use of system resources
  • Up to four mPCI-4 boards per system
  • PC/104-Plus form factor
  • Extended temperature range (option)

PC/104-Plus Bus Interface

  • Compliant with PCI Rev 2.1
  • 132 MBytes/sec bandwidth at 33.33 MHz bus speed
  • Single +5 V supply

miniPCI Interface

  • 4x miniPCI Type III slots
  • On board 3.3V power supply can provide up to 1A per slot

System Requirements

  • x86 PC-Compatible PC/104-Plus Computer
  • Spare REQ/GNT on PC/104-Plus Bus
  • 5V-3.3V signalling PC/104-Plus bus


  • Standard 3.6 x 3.8in PC/104-Plus form factor
  • PC/104 ISA Bus pass through connectors for compatibility

Operational characteristics

  • Operating temperature 0°C to 60°C
  • Extended temperature -40°C to +85°C (option)


  • Native driver support in Windows-XP-E, Linux

The following order codes can be used when ordering the mPCI-4

mPCI-4 - 4-slot miniPCI adapter (0 to 60°C)
mPCI-4-Ext - 4-slot miniPCI adapter (-40°C to +85°C)

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