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Video-capable sensors such as radars, FLIR, or video-guided missiles often provide a STANAG 3350 video output. Aircraft incorporating these sensors employed analog CRT STANAG 3350 displays at the time they were manufactured. Since then, both display and sensor technology have progressed.

AMP ScanVerter series permit cockpit displays or sensors to be upgraded with current digital technology while retaining compatibility with legacy STANG 3350 components retained on the aircraft.

The application shown below synchronously records video, embedded metadata and cockpit audio. Recordings and live preview of the complete operating scenario is available to mission personnel and commanders.

Illustrated below, an AMP ScanVerter is used to upgrade a STANAG3350 cockpit display with a new digital display reducing weight, size and power.

Products Used - Aircraft Cockpit Display Upgrade
SCANVERTER SERIES (Rugged, Versatile and Dependable Video Standards Conversions Solutions)

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