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Heavy lifting equipment tend to be very large and the operator/driver is often some distance from the lifting head of the crane. One of the many challenges for the driver is to accurately pick up and position the load without direct line-of-sight.

The solution below takes advantage of the standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) capture and Ultra Low Latency encoding capabilities of the H264-HD2000 to provide real-time visual feedback to the crane driver’s cab. The 4x SD cameras give a complete view of the lift from multiple angles. A unique feature of the H264-HD2000 is the ability to capture and encode both the cameras and the VGA output of the crane operator console.

This allows remotely located experts and managers to observe and direct delicate lifting and positioning operations from remote locations around the world across the internet.

AMP products used
AMP H264-HD2000 (SD/HD PCI/104 Ultra Low Latency H.264 Compression Card)
AMP Video Recording and Streaming software demo application build on AMP Software Development Kits.
PCI/104 Host CPU (with Linux pre-installed)

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