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Mass transit system operators are increasingly looking to automation to improve safety and increase efficiency of commuter transportation.

The VCODEC-H264-D4 Recording and Preview feature provides all round situational awareness to the train driver for increased passenger safety, while high quality multi-channel video recording provides material for archival and evidential purposes.

The block diagram shows a recent solution for underground/metro commuter trains based on the VCODEC-H264-D4 and provides the following features:-

  • 4 cameras inside caró2 pointing forward, 2 pointing backwards
  • 2 cameras monitoring right and left door closure
  • Groups of 4-6 cameras (plus status from external sensors) display on drivers console with less than 100ms latency
  • Automatic full size recording of each camera for 10 days continuous operation.

AMP products used
2x AMP VCODEC-H264-D4 (4 channel, full frame rate, H.264 encoder / decoder for PC/104-Plus)
AMP Video Recording and Streaming software demo application build on AMP Software Development Kits
PCI/104 Host CPU (with Linux pre-installed)

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