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Virtually all Ground and Aerial Vehicles are equipped with an assortment of video cameras and sensors. Recording, displaying and streaming the disparate video streams has traditionally required a custom designed rugged video recorder specific to each vehicle.

Now, AMP StreamCorders simplify and accelerate the design and deployment of custom multichannel recorders. AMP’s StreamCorders are rugged, stand-alone single board streaming DVRs. StreamCorders are available with all common HD and SD interfaces and can be mixed and matched for a virtually unlimited number of configurations.

Simply select and combine the appropriate combination of StreamCorders for a custom multi-channel recorder solution that is ideally suited to your unique requirements regardless of the number and type of sensors in the vehicle.

Multi-Channel Ground Vehicle Mission Recorder

AMP products used - Multi-Channel Mission Recorder
StreamCorder-HD-HDMI (Standalone HD-DVI H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer)
StreamCorder-HD-SDI (Standalone HD-SDI H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer)
StreamCorder-SD4 (Standalone 4xD1 H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer)
LANSwitch (5-port Ethernet Switch for PC/104+)

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