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Nijkerk's MFDU - featuring VAC2000

Nijkerk's 8" MFDU is a Stand - alone configurable and intelligent display unit, specifically designed for observation and command control applications in military vehicles and ground based systems. The MFDU uses AMP's VAC2000


  • Is based on a standard 32-Bit x86 platform and combines 800x600 LCD panel with a powerful computing & graphical processing unit
  • The MFDU is very compact and particularly suited for military environments with limited space and strong mechanical constraints.
  • The "L-Shaped" design of the box allows easy connection of the external cables at the rear without requirement of additional space inside the vehicle.
  • The operator can interact with the MFDU by means of 8-software programmable buttons
  • The graphical processing unit can generate overlays with various effects like alpha blending, rotation/ translation, scaling and font generation.
  • Programming of the man-Machine interface is possible by means of a dedicated graphical API

The VAC2000 provides:

  • Multi channel video annotation/ overlay controller
  • Four composite or two s-video input channels per board with VGA/ TV or flat panel output.
  • Alpha blending-256 levels of per pixel or by defined rectangular region
  • 2D 64 bit graphics accelerator with 8Mbyte frame buffer
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +60°C or -40°C to +85°C
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