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Traffic Management and Homeland Security initiatives mandate tunnels, bridges and other critical infrastructure locations be monitored on a continual basis. Video monitoring can identify potential threats and unsafe conditions with time to react.

The ubiquitous availability of wide area networking through internet or cell data access points has also enabled the consolidation of distributed monitoring facilities into centralized monitoring. In addition to being more cost effective, centralized monitoring provides the opportunity for a coordinated response to a potential incident or accident.

However, although tunnels and other facilities have generally been equipped with CCTV cameras for local viewing, the video is often not readily available at the remote location.

This application demonstrates AMP’s StreamCorder-SD4 used to augment a tunnel’s existing CCTV camera installation with streaming and recording capabilities for access and control by personnel in a centralized remote monitoring facility.

Products Used - Remote Tunnel Safety Monitoring System
StreamCorder-SD4 (Standalone low power rugged streaming DVR. Supports up to 4xD1)

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