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IEEE-1394 FireWire controller for mini PCI Express

The nanoFlame is a high performance controller that provides 2 ports conforming to the IEEE-1394 OHCI specification—popularly known as FireWire.

The nanoFlame is an ideal way to interface high speed digital video and audio, and storage to embedded systems with a miniPCI-express socket. Automatic detection and configuration of device data speeds and transmitting both asynchronous and isochronous (real-time) data packets ensures robust system operation and high reliability. The dual ports allows multiple devices to be attached simultaneously on the high speed bus.

The nanoFlame is supported natively in most OS including Windows and Linux. Other operating system are available by request.


  • Meets IEEE-1394a “FireWire” standard
  • 2 High speed ports
  • Video/Audio/Mass storage auto detection
  • Efficient DMA engine for high performance data transfer
  • Speeds of 100/200/400 MBits/sec
  • Hot pluggable connections
  • Super Low Power operation
  • Very small footprint miniPCI-express form factor
  • Drivers for Windows, Linux (other OS by request)


Supported Platforms Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux
mini-PCI Express Bus Interface
  • Full height MiniPCI Express card
  • Full compliance with PCI Express Revision 1.1


IEEE-1394 Function
  • Compliant with IEEE 1394a-2000, 1394-1995 and 1394a Open HCI
  • Compliant with 1394 Open HCI specification 1.0 and 1.1
  • Compliant with IEEE 1394-1995 specification release
  • Compliant with IEEE 1394a P2000


Physical Link Layer
  • 2 High Speed Serial ports supported
  • Data rates of 100, 200 or 400MBits/sec
  • Hot-pluggable attachment of devices
  • Cable length up to 4.2M supported at up to 400MBits/sec rate
  • Standard 6-way IEEE-1394 Connectors for self-powered devices


System Requirements
  • x86 Host Computer with spare miniPCI-Express socket
  • Standard full height miniPCI-Express form factor
  • Operating temp 0°C to 60°C
  • Operating temp –40°C to +85°C (extended temp option)


  • Drivers for Windows, Linux
  • Other Operating Systems can be supported on request


nanoFlame Block Diagram

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  • nanoFlame - IEEE-1394 Controller (0 to 60°C)
  • nanoFlame-Ext - IEEE-1394 Controller (-40°C to +85°C)
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