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4-channel Isolated CANbus Channels plus Serial port controller

The CAN4000-8S provides four independent CANbus 2.0B controller channels (with galvanic isolation) and eight non-isolated RS-422 / 485 serial ports on a standard PC/104-Plus card.

The CAN4000-8S uses four industry standard Philips SJA1000 CANbus Controllers with advanced features for use in telematics and industrial control applications. The CAN4000-8S supports both BasicCAN mode (power up default) and the enhanced functionality of the PeliCAN mode which handles all CANbus frame types according to CAN Specification 2.0B.

The 8 channel serial port controller provides RS-422 / RS-485 communications up to 10Mbps. Each channel includes jumper selectable termination resistors on each receiver.


  • 4 independent CANbus controllers
  • BasicCAN and Pelican support
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • CANbus bit rates up to 1Mbits/sec
  • Supports 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers
  • 8 independent serial ports
  • RS-422 / RS-485 operation
  • Up to 10Mbps operation
  • Standard PC/104-Plus form factor
  • Extended Temperature version available
  • Single +5V power supply
Supported Platforms Windows 7, Linux
CAN Channels
  • Quad SJA1000 CAN 2.0B Controller
  • Basic CAN Mode support
  • Extended CAN Mode (PELICAN Mode) support
  • Four independent full-duplex channels
  • Full galvanic isolation for each channel (input to output and channel to channel)
  • Isolated CANbus channels powered from external +5v supply
CAN Modes
  • Basic Mode
  • Extended Receive Buffer (64-byte receive FIFO)
  • Up to 1MBit/sec data rates
  • Support for 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers
  • PELICAN Mode Extensions
  • Error counters with read/write access
  • Error warning limit
  • Error Interrupts
  • Listen-only capability
  • Hot-plugging support
Serial Ports
  • Eight RS/422 / RS485 ports at up to 10Mbps
  • Jumper selectable termination resistors
  • 133MB/sec bus bandwidth
  • PC/104-Plus bus master/initiator
  • Universal add-on board compliant with 3.3V PC/104-Plus bus signalling (with 5v tolerance)
  • Jumper selectable PC/104-Plus stack level
  • Single +5V at less than 350mA
  • Operating Temp 0°C to 60°C
  • Operating Temp -40°C to +85°C (extended temp option)
  • Standard 3.6 x 3.8in PC/104-Plus form factor

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Product Codes
  • CAN4000-8S - 4-Channel CANBus / 8 channel serial (0 to 60°C)
  • CAN4000-8S-EXT - 4-Channel CANBus / 8 channel serial (-40 to 85°C)
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