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Rugged Video Applications Cookbook: Volume 2


Advanced Micro Peripherals' video products allow designers to implement efficient, reliable solutions for a wide range of rugged, demanding applications. But what are these applications, and how are AMP's hardware and software products deployed within them?

AMP's Rugged Video Applications offers practical, real-world answers to these questions.  It shows how AMP's products are already being used in many different situations around the world.  

Some applications you will find featuring our embedded video products:
  Multi-Channel Mission Recorder
  Underwater Remote Video Acquisition Recorder

  Cloud Based Multi Lane Analytics
  Aircraft Cockpit Display Upgrade/Refurb

We invite you to view the 2nd Volume of our Rugged Video Applications Cookbook, and find inspiration for your own project, however demanding it may be.

Need inspiration for your project?
Rugged Video Applications Cookbook
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