The leading defense equipment manufacturers are involved in a wide range of new development initiatives with all the leading national defense departments including the US Department of Defense (DoD) and UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). AMP is specifically involved in a wide range of ruggedized embedded control systems for autonomous vehicle control (UAV and UGV), robot handling equipment for bomb disposal (ROVs) and video monitoring for situation awareness. A key aspect of these new systems is the use of live video for real-time command & control as well as for monitoring / analysis using digital video recording systems.

PC/104 and CompactPCI based systems are used extensively by the leading defense equipment manufacturers for ruggedized applications in unmanned aerial and ground vehicles. AMP’s range of video compression and overlay products helps system integrators capture video, overlay status and target information and then efficiently transmit the data over secure wireless links to the command and control operators.

It is also common for traditional video signals from radar or control screens to be captured and recorded using digital video recording (DVR) systems for use in operational debriefing. AMP also offers products to capture and convert traditional RGB VGA video and STANAG 3350 compliant video signals into composite video for digital recording and archiving.