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As PCI bus technology has moved from a parallel interface to fast serial point-to-point interconnects, the parallel CompactPCI® specification PICMG 2.0 was significantly extended and enhanced by the newer CompactPCI®Serial standard, PICMG CPCI-S.0. This versatility combined with the wide availability of chips, hardware, and software created for the commercial market makes CompactPCI Serial the fastest, most versatile, lowest cost modular high-performance open standard for embedded computing on the market today.

With CompactPCI Serial ( cPCI-S ), the CompactPCI architecture moves to serial high-speed interconnects, and more data can be transferred at higher speeds using PCI Express. Additional high-speed interfaces, including Ethernet, SATA, and USB are supported.

A typical configuration of one system slot and up to eight peripheral slots does not need switches and bridges. Using the proven 19″ mechanics of the IEC 1101 family, proven with CompactPCI and VME, the standard introduces a new rugged additional connector with a signal density of up to 184 pin pairs (on 3U) and transmission frequencies of 12 Gb/s.

Advanced Micro Peripherals offers CompactPCI Serial products in the following product categories:

  • H.264 HD-SDI Video Encoders
  • H.264 DVI/HDMI Video Encoders
  • H.264 Low Latency RS343 Video Encoders
  • Video Frame Grabbers
  • HDLC Communications Controller

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