CCTV video monitoring is essential for the control and security of major operational assets and has been used extensively on rail, road and sea port infrastructure for many years. The wide scale of these operations requires highly distributed video management systems which can [locally] record and stream video from remote positions over IP based networks.

Specialized video cameras are now installed in many public transportation vehicles such as trains and buses. By combining our video compression boards with compact industrial processor boards our customers can create cost effective, high-reliability digital video recording (DVR) systems suitable for the high vibration environments found on vehicles. The systems can also make use of the motion detection functionality built into the AMP products to reduce the CPU overhead when monitoring for unexpected activity. Our products are designed and manufactured for extended product lifecycles, helping to minimize the cost of system re-designs and obsolescence.

By using a modular system design, these systems may perform the primary video monitoring application along with complementary functions such as access control, weather / air quality monitoring, fan and lighting control and alarm reporting.