The steady increase in embedded CPU performance has enabled specialized system builders to make better use of live video for inspection, remote monitoring and control applications. Applications as diverse as drain inspection systems, medical endoscopy and deep sea submarine ROVs all require a high degree of video processing and typically require the addition of text or graphics overlay on the live video image to provide status information. Whilst Pentium level CPUs can encode and manipulate video data, this process requires a significant level of CPU resource with the added problem of high power consumption. By using a partitioned system design, the video management can be handled by the dedicated products from AMP and enable system designers to use very low power CPU boards for the remaining functions.

In some applications, our customers use a single or multi-channel frame grabber card and then perform further image analysis using the host processor. In other cases the application may present a ‘preview image’ to the operator enabling them to control the function and motion of their device whilst also continuously compressing and recording the video for later analysis.