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AVC2000-V PC/104-Plus Video Frame Grabber

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The AVC2000-V Video Frame Grabber is a high performance video capture and overlay card on a compact PC/104-Plus (pc104+) card format. Utilising the 32-bit PCI architecture, the AVC2000 allows real-time image capture from a PAL or NTSC video source to the system memory or directly to the system Display. Images can be captured continuously to system memory or disk for image processing, surveillance and multimedia applications. The AVC2000 is supported by a suite of drivers for Windows XP/XP Embedded, Linux.



  • Supports NTSC / RS-170, PAL / CCIR, SECAM analog video input
  • Live image input from NTSC/PAL/SECAM
  • Composite or S-video input
  • High resolution 768 x 576 image size
  • Supports multiple AVC2000 in system
  • 24-bit color decoding
  • Live video overlay on CRT and TFT Panel
  • Drivers for Windows, Linux, RTOS
  • Low power rugged PC/104-Plus form factor
  • PC/104-Plus Universal Add-in module
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +60°C or -40°C to +85°C

PC104+ Bus Interface

  • Compliant with PCI Rev 2.1
  • 132MBytes/sec bandwidth at 33.33 MHz bus speed
  • Consumes less than 45MBytes/sec at maximum image capture size
  • Live image burst to display, memory or disk

Analog Video Input

  • UltraLock digital technology for reliable locking to any video source
  • Three input video multiplexer
  • 2 Composite and 1 S-Video inputs
  • Dual flash Analogue-to-Digital converters
  • 2X oversampling - 28.64MHz for NTSC, 35.47MHz for PAL

Video Input Formats

  • NTSC-M, NTSC-Japan

Video Input Adjustments

  • Contrast (or luma gain) adjustable from 0 - 200% of original value
  • Saturation (or chroma gain) adjustable from 0 - 200% of original value
  • Brightness (or luma level) can be adjusted from 0 - 255 steps

Video Storage Formats

  • 24-bit RGB, 16-bit RGB, YUV422, YUV411
  • Up to 768 x 576 (full PAL resolution) pixels
  • Scaling and Cropping Programmable option for horizontal and vertical scaling
  • 6-tap horizontal interpolation filter
  • 5-tap vertical interpolation filter
  • Programmable input cropping

TV and FM Audio Input

  • Three input analog Audio multiplexer
  • Selection of TV Audio, FM Audio or Microphone Input
  • Digital Audio (Stream or Packet) Input


  • Single +5V at less than 400mA
  • Operating Temp of 0 to 60degC (Extended Temp option)
  • Standard 3.6 x 3.8in PC/104+ form factor


  • Drivers for Windows95/98/NT/CE
  • Sample video overlay application in C/C++ source code
  • Other Operating Systems such as QNX, PharLap, pSOS, etc can be supported on demand

The following order codes can be used when ordering the AVC2000-V

AVC2000 - Standard AVC2000 Capture card without TV/FM Tuner
AVC2000-V-EXT - Extended Temp AVC2000 Capture card with TV/FM Tuner

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