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StreamCorder-Sd4 underwater recorderThe Oil and Gas industry have both a fiscal and a moral imperative to assure that underwater pipelines remain free of leaks and potentially harmful organic growth that could compromise the integrity of couplings. Preventative maintenance and inspection costs can be dramatically reduced through time lapse video surveillance. Underwater cameras focused on critical junctions can be used to identify potential leaks before they can do significant damage.

In the application illustrated below a battery powered video capture and recording system is deployed in a watertight pressure tested enclosure and captures video from cameras at regularly scheduled intervals. In between captures the system remains in a low-power sleep state.

By combining long dwell capability and video capture at fixed intervals a historical archive is created to serve as a baseline. The video is retrieved at fixed intervals during scheduled periods of routine maintenance. Off-line analysis of the video is used to identify unexpected changes to the condition of the pipeline that would have otherwise gone undetected.

System Details

StreamCorder-SD4 underwater recorder system details



Video from underwater cameras, strategically placed at critical junctions is captured, compressed and stored by the StreamCorder-SD4.

The StreamCorder is an intelligent, stand-alone H.264 recording and streaming solution. The combination of high level of integration, low power consumption, -40degC operation makes the StreamCorder particularly suitable for remote battery-powered video acquisition systems. AMP StreamCorders can be deployed remotely for long periods with minimum maintenance.

  • Single board capture, encode, stream solution requires only 5V
  • Real-time 4x D1 H.264 encode at full frame rate
  • Standard PCIe104 mechanical form factor for ease of packaging
  • Flexible control of encoding parameters, bitrate, quality, fps.
  • Rugged , reliable solid state storage
  • Single Ethernet connection for data retrieval
  • Extended temp version –40degC to +85degC

Products Used

StreamCorder-SD4 Standalone 4xD1 H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer


Standalone 4xD1 H.264 Video Recorder and Streamer
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