CAN4000-8S – Embedded board has four CANbus channels and eight serial ports

Advanced Micro Peripherals’ new CAN4000-8S provides four independent, fully isolated CANbus channels and eight non-isolated RS-422/485 serial ports on an industry standard PC/104-Plus card. This compact, rugged and low power multi-communications controller consumes less than 2W from a single +5V supply, and has an extended temperature option.

The four independent full-duplex channels are driven by SJA1000 CAN 2.0B controllers, providing basic and extended (Pelican) mode support. Each channel includes a fully isolated CANbus transceiver powered from an external +5V supply.

The CAN4000-8S’s eight serial channels support either RS-422 full duplex or RS-485 half duplex communications standards. Each channel supports baud rates to 10Mbps and has jumper selectable termination resistors.

The CAN4000-8S serves as a universal PC/104-Plus add-in card with a 3.3V host interface (with 5V tolerance) to the host computer. Windows-2000, XP, XP-E and Linux operating systems are supported.

The CAN4000-8S is ideal for telematics, industrial, defense, aerospace, security and similar demanding embedded applications.