Ultra Low Latency HD Video Compression for CompactPCI

New from Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP), the world-leading embedded video innovators, comes the latest H264-ULL-cPCI dual channel encoder board for CompactPCI systems.

Incorporating high definition, high throughput and ultra-low latency, the H264-ULL-cPCI is further enhanced with additional features all designed to drastically reduce the time to market for product development and make high definition video capture an easy add-on.

In addition, the H264-ULL-cPCI is supported by our comprehensive and easy to use Software Development Kit (SDK) designed to further reduce development time.

AMP also provides free lifetime technical support for our hardware and software.

Product features include:

  • Ultra low latency HD video encoder (less than 40ms)
  • Dual channel encode at up to 1080p30
  • Single channel encode at up to 1080p60
  • Dual analog HD inputs (YPbPr, VGA, RGB)
  • Multiple H264-ULL-cPCI boards per system
  • 3U CompactPCI rugged form factor
  • Drivers for Windows XP-Embedded, Linux

Perfect for high-res surveillance, remote platform and real-time control, the dual channel H264-ULL-cPCI encoder performs superbly on remotely guided vehicles, UAVs, vehicle mounted cameras, multi camera systems and a host of other military applications.

For further information or help and assistance with customize applications, please contact our US sales team at sales@amp‑usa.com or, the UK team at sales@ampltd.com.