Introducing the Tiny-PPC837 Communications Controller from AMP

When situations are demanding and extreme, where communication clarity can make the difference between success and failure, then only the best will do.

That’s why AMP, world leaders in the design and development of quality embedded video solutions, has introduced the high performance Tiny-PPC837, a highly integrated PowerPC based controller board.

Optimized for extreme, high performance application in communication systems, the Tiny-PPC837 is an industry standard PCI/104 Express form factor offering PCI Express and traditional 32 bit PCI interfaces.

Perfect for mission critical systems, the Tiny-PPC837 is powered by the 667MHz MPC8377E PowerQUICC II Pro embedded processor and offers dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with dual PCI-Express controllers.

Solidly constructed, versatile and totally reliable. These are the hallmarks of every component from AMP and the Tiny-PPC837 more than matches those standards.

Featuring extended temperature and conformal coating options the Tiny-PPC837 is perfect for tough environments including:

  • Mission Computers
  • Security, Transportation, Telematics
  • Rugged Harsh Environment Applications
  • Industrial Automation Controllers
  • Portable Test Equipment
  • AUV and Robotic Applications
  • Backbone Communication Routers
  • Embedded Internet/Intranet Appliance

AMP’s Tiny-PPC837 supports up to 2Gbytes of DDR DRAM and an on-board 2Gbyte solid state flash drive for application and data storage. Off-board storage can be achieved using the controller’s USB 2.0 port or its high speed SATA drive interface.

Tiny-PPC837 Features include:

  • 667MHz MPC8377E PowerQUICC II processor
  • Integrated security encryption accelerator
  • Soldered BGA DDR2 SDRAM
  • Soldered PATA NAND Drive
  • Dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • PCI/104 and PC/104-Express Expansion
  • Software support under Linux and VxWorks (Optional)

For further information or help and assistance with customised applications, please contact our US sales team at sales@amp‑ or, the UK team at