VAC2000 – PC/104-Plus multi-channel video annotation / overlay controller

Advanced Micro Peripherals’ new VAC2000 PC/104-Plus multi channel video annotation and overlay controller board features two real time analog NTSC/PAL input channels. VAC2000 offers industry leading flexibility in mixing these with one another or with computer generated graphics and text for TV and VGA output. The VAC2000 hardware significantly relieves host processor loading and enables video systems to be created with modest, low power fan-less processor boards.

The VAC2000 accepts either two S-Video inputs, or, up to four composite video inputs from video cameras, DVRs, TV broadcasts or other NTSC/PAL sources. Each video input can be alpha blended with another video channel or with graphics using one of 256 translucency levels from opaque to transparent. The VAC2000’s output can simultaneously drive a composite or S-Video TV video monitor (RS170), analog VGA screen and a DVI (PanelLink) flat panel display. A preview output can also monitor the input video channels.

With unprecedented flexibility, the VAC2000 can set alpha blending for a rectangular area or per pixel. A high performance 64 bit 2D graphics accelerator and 8Mbytes frame buffer provide fast video graphics processing, enabling high speed re-sizing of alpha blended images; the live video window can be re-sized almost instantaneously from full screen to an icon. The hardware alpha blending function can also be used for fast conceal/reveal of the video, text or graphics information. The hardware also enables multiple video windows to be scaled and displayed on a single screen for picture-in-picture systems.

The VAC2000’s comprehensive SDK significantly reduces development time in Microsoft Windows, Linux and QNX environments. It includes support libraries, drivers and an extensive range of example applications complete with source code. These show how to fully utilize the VAC2000’s features in complex video/graphic applications.

Applications include merging of daylight and infra-red video images for military environments, text annotation of video for traffic monitoring, superimposition of crosshair graphics onto battle zone target area video, visible watermarking, command and control consoles, vehicle telematics, medical instrumentation and security installations. The VAC2000 operates from a single +5V power supply and is available in commercial and extended temperature (-40 to +85°C) options. This industry standard PC/104-Plus board uses standard MMCX connectors for the video input and output signals. AMP can also supply a small panel mount adapter module which provides a standard single link DVI-D socket.