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8-Channel Serial Port Controller for PC/104-Plus

The Serial2000 features 8 serial Asynchronous communication ports on a single low power PC/104-Plus card providing unprecedented level of serial port integration, performance and flexibility. The Serial2000 PC/104-Plus Communications card provides a cost-effective solution for expanding the number of serial ports on a PC/104-Plus system. The Serial2000 utilises ultra high performance industry standard UARTs with enhanced features resulting in improved flow control and extremely high data rates. Each one of the 8 channels on the Serial2000 may be individually configured for RS232, RS422 or RS485 operation at asynchronous speeds in excess of 4Mbits/sec. The high bandwidth 32-bit PC/104-Plus bus (PCI) ensures that all 8 channels can be operated concurrently at their maximum speeds. Up to 4 Serial2000 cards can be hosted on a single PC/104-Plus computer to provide up to 32 high performance serial ports. The Serial2000 is provided with software drivers for the most popular Operating Systems including Windows, Linux and RTOS such as QNX, etc.


  • High speed Asynchronous Serial Ports
  • Individual configurable R232/422/485
  • Speeds in excess 4MBits/s per channel
  • 64 Byte FIFO per channel
  • High bus bandwidth PCI technology
  • Flexible software/hardware handshaking
  • Easy configuration
  • Standard PC/104-Plus form factor
  • Single +5V power supply
Supported Platforms Windows 7, Linux
Serial Ports
  • 8 full/half-duplex serial ports
  • RS232, RS422, RS485 jumper-selectable per channel
  • RS232 Asynchronous speed in excess of 230.4kBaud
  • RS422/485 Asynchronous speed in excess of 4Mbits/sec
  • 64Byte FIFO per channel
  • 32-bit PC/104plus PCI Bus interface
Modem control lines
  • CTS, DSR, RI, DCD, DTR, RTS per RS232 channel
Physical connectors
  • PC/104plus bus top and bottom stackable pass-through
  • 2 Serial ports 40 pin 0.1 inch headers
  • Single +5V at less than 800mA
  • Operating temp of 0 to 60°C or -40°C to +85°C (extended temp option)
  • Top and Bottom stackable PC/1014plus, PC/104 pass-through
  • Standard 3.6 x 3.8in PC/104plus form factor
Drivers and Libraries
  • Windows XP-Embedded, 7
  • Linux
  • QNX

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