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Intelligent VGA to PAL/NTSC/RS170 Converter

The VTV2000IS is a scan converter board that accepts non-interlaced VGA signals at up to 2048×1536 resolution from a PC or Macintosh computer for conversion to broadcast-quality NTSC or PAL RS170/TV signals.

Unlike conventional scan converters, the VTV2000IS features on-board Frame Store and a DSP unit which performs scan conversion, flicker filtering, scaling and colour space conversion in the digital domain.

The processed video data is sent to the digital video encoder for conversion into broadcast-quality composite and S-Video signals (PAL/NTSC) or RS170.

The VTV2000IS features an on-board micro controller allowing it to operate completely standalone without run-time control from an external system. The settings of the card can be modified via a serial link, with application specific configuration able to be stored to the non-volatile storage of the card.


  • Converts Computer VGA to PAL/NTSC
  • Composite PAL or NTSC Output
  • Broadcast TV Quality
  • RS170 Composite output
  • Supports up to 2048×1526 VGA resolution
  • Simultaneous display on VGA and TV
  • On-board MPU
  • Persistent settings
  • Compact 3.6″ by 3.8″ board
  • Complete stand-alone operation no host computer required
  • Single +5V Power Supply
Supported Platforms n/a
Analog Video Input
  • Progressive RGB, HSync, VSync from VGA device
  • Triple 8-bit digitization
  • Up to 2048 x 1536 VGA Input Resolution
Analog Video Output
  • 10-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion
  • Supported output standards:
    • CCIR601-NTSC
    • RS170
    • CCIR-PAL
    • PAL-B, PAL-G, PAL-H, PAL-I
  • Composite or S-Video
Video Output Adjustments
  • Contrast (or luma gain) adjustable from 0 – 200% of original
  • Saturation (or chroma gain) adjustable from 0 – 200% of original
  • Sharpness (or edge enhancement) adjustable over 16 steps
  • Brightness (or luma level) can be adjusted from 0 – 255 steps
Serial Interface
  • Standard RS232 port
System Requirements
  • RS232 link for configuration only
  • Single +5V at less than 2.75W
  • Operating Temp of 0 to 60degC
  • Extended Temperature -40 to +85degC (option)
  • Compact 3.6 x 3.8in form factor

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Product Codes
  • VTV2000IS-CP - PAL Output (0 to +60°C)
  • VTV2000IS-CN - NTSC/RS170 Output (0 to +60°C)
  • VTV2000IS-CP-EXT - PAL Output (-40 to +85°C)
  • VTV2000IS-CN-EXT - NTSC/RS170 Output (-40 to +85°C)
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