Video Streaming Software Development Kit

The Video Streaming Software Development Kit (SDK) is a comprehensive and well documented set of support software which helps create video streamer / server systems using standard RTSP/RTP IP communications. The SDK is designed to significantly reduce development time in Windows, Linux and QNX environments and includes support libraries, drivers and example applications to help developers fully utilize our range of video compression / overlay products.

The SDKs are available for x86 embedded PC platforms running Windows Embedded, a number of Linux distributions (including Ubuntu) and also, the QNX RTOS. There is also some support for ARM and PowerPC platforms under Linux and QNX (please contact us for more information). You can download the relevant Video Streaming SDK Reference Manual from each product page.


  • More than 180 fully documented API functions for;
    • Significantly reduces end-user development time
    • Unicast / multicast configuration
    • Streamer control
    • QuickTime compatibility
    • Synchronized video and audio streaming
    • Image configuration
    • Compression parameters
    • Overlay functions
    • Motion Detection
    • Recorder / playback control
    • Video previewing functions
  • Board drivers for a number of different hardware platforms
  • Supports multiple board installations
  • Source level example applications for a multi-channel ‘streamer’
  • Free life-time technical support

Example Video Streaming Modes