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H.264 Codecs

Our range of H.264 CODECS encompasses many form factors and standards, including mini PCI, PC/104, Compact PCI & PMC. These boards bring a rich set of video grabbing, compression, decompression and related functions to these differing standards; adding Rugged, Compact Embedded Video capability to widely varying types of OEM systems.

Below, you will find our FEATURED H.264 CODECS. To view our entire H.264 CODECS Selector Guide, click here.
HDAV2000KLV - HD Codec w/ STANAG 4609 KLV
  1x HD-SDI video input encoding to H.264 
 1x HD H.264 decoding to HD-SDI output
 STANAG 4609 Metadata encoding & decoding
  Compatible with L-3 & Wescam Turrets
Example Applications: Avionics, Remotely Guided Vehicles, Remote Video Surveillance

H264-HD2000 - Low Latency HD Compression
  2x HD-SDI video inputs encoding to H.264
  DVI/HDMI & Analog (RGB) video inputs
  Ultra Low Latency down to 40ms
Example Applications: High Res Surveillance, Electronic News Gathering, Traffic Monitoring

  4x PAL/NTSC/RS-170 encoding to H.264
  Ultra Low Latency down to 40ms
Example Applications: Solid State DVR, Remote Moving Platforms, UAV's

microH264-D4 - Full Frame Rate Codec
  4x PAL/NTSC/RS-170 encoding to H.264
  1x channel H.264 decoding/preview/playback
  Low profile mini PCI form factor
Example Applications: Unmanned Vehicles, Asset Monitoring, Crime Scene Recording

What to expect from the 'embedded video experts'.....
 Industry leading embedded video hardware platforms for OEMs and system integrators
 Dedicated SDKs for multiple operating systems to accelerate your development project
 H.264 video compression/decompression, overlay annotation and playback
 Low power embedded PCs and communication solutions
 Extended product life with a managed lifecycle beyond 5 years
 Highest level of technical support as we design and manufacture all our own products

 Product customization to meet specific project requirements
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